Student Debt

December 08, 2021 JoeVanWie Season 1 Episode 9
Student Debt
Show Notes

Tiffany Konyen is a 1st generation college student learning in the Bay Area for the last 11 years, guided by a deep interest in the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. Tiffany joined the Bachelor Completion Program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2009, where they were first exposed to the pedagogies and praxis of Transformative Education.

Entering into the Anthropology and Social Change Department Master’s Program, Tiffany wrote an auto-ethnography reflecting on the values, practices and structures of educational methodologies they experienced, both learning and working within K-12 Public and Private schools.

In 2016, Tiffany continued into the Anthropology PhD track and began researching the impacts of indebtedness on the processes of transformation and social change. As a Doctoral Student, Tiffany's research focuses on the alienation and exploitation of intellectual labor and the commodification of knowledge production through the student debt market, especially along the lines of gender, race, and class. Tiffany is Student Debt Striker and Organizer with the Debt Collective's Biden 100 Jubilee campaign and an advocate for Transformative & Community-Driven Lifelong Learning for All. Tiffany's research proposal was recently approved for a Participatory Action Research(PAR) project, engaging Alums of the School of Consciousness and Transformation.

Tiffany Konyen,
Doctoral Student in Anthropology and Social Change Department

Thinking of returning to school.....

Pennsylvania Recovery Grants for College - Luzerne Community College Program

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