The Recovery Detective

November 18, 2021 JoeVanWie Season 1 Episode 5
The Recovery Detective
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Joe Regan, CIP founded Ashbury Investigations in 2016 to
serve as a bridge between the behavioral health and investigative worlds.

Joe is also is on the front lines of combatting fraud in the Substance Use Disorder Treatment field for SCA 's & Healthcare providers.

In both investigator and interventionist Joe is an athletic
listener; his presence is quiet strength without
condescension. His logic, as well as his genuine
compassion only enhance his deftness in the field. A lover
of people, he is as at home on a city bus as he would be on
the frontier. He is always seeking and never stops wanting
to learn. He stays hungry and humble, valuing his
nourishing friendships, setting his intentions to make
meaningful and impactful connections throughout life—
reflecting onto others the dignity he possesses.

BA History
University of California Berkeley

AA Administration of Justice
City College San Francisco

California Association of Licensed Investigators
San Francisco district
MAR 2017

Association of Intervention Specialists

OCT 2016
Certified Intervention Professionals
Pennsylvania Certification Board

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